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Darlahooddarlahood on June 16th, 2012 01:36 am (UTC)
Oooh! Looks nice!
vanilia & chocolate: Lorna Doonechrs_vg on June 16th, 2012 05:00 am (UTC)
Lady Strangemmestrange on June 16th, 2012 02:31 am (UTC)
I watched this series religiously for the time it was on air, albeit a day or two late because of... obvious reasons. XD. I'll be grabbing this for moodtheme purposes. Thanks for screencapping this. <3
vanilia & chocolatechrs_vg on June 16th, 2012 05:01 am (UTC)
I am glad you like the series!I just watched it and fell absolutely in love with it!I will be waiting for your moodtheme :D
reseda_3067reseda_3067 on September 23rd, 2013 11:22 am (UTC)
Absolutely LOVE "Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries" and can't wait for season 2.
vanilia & chocolate: Lorna Doonechrs_vg on September 24th, 2013 07:19 am (UTC)
I know she is amazing and the series are so well done!
queensjoyqueensjoy on February 27th, 2014 04:18 am (UTC)
Hi! Can I get the passwords?
vanilia & chocolate: pic#121923396chrs_vg on February 27th, 2014 08:41 am (UTC)
askrubesaskrubes on March 4th, 2014 10:55 am (UTC)
These are absolutely wonderful, I think i'll use them for iconing. May I have the password please?
vanilia & chocolate: wtlchrs_vg on March 5th, 2014 10:05 am (UTC)
Try again. It's working!
Poppy MoonPoppy Moon on August 5th, 2014 10:57 pm (UTC)
Password request
Please could I have the password to view your wonderful screencaps for Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries? I love that show!
vanilia & chocolate: Lorna Doonechrs_vg on August 7th, 2014 11:06 am (UTC)
Re: Password request
The scaps need reuploading. I will reupload asap.
vanilia & chocolate: Lorna Doonechrs_vg on August 10th, 2014 12:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Password request
Screencaps uploaded. Let me know if you are interested in series 2. Check your fb account for th password
Poppy MoonPoppy Moon on August 12th, 2014 05:15 pm (UTC)
Re: Password request
Thank you! Where do I enter the password please? Sorry to be a nuisance :-/
I'd love to see season 2 - that would be wonderful.
vanilia & chocolate: geishachrs_vg on August 12th, 2014 11:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Password request
Download the files you want, They are zipped. When you try to unzip you will be asked for the password!